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Anderson, Summer Teen Connections/Teen Discoveries
Armbrester, Joicelyn Assistant Principal
Bain, Jeff P.E./Athletics
Bennett, Susie Registrar
Bentley, Christina 7th Grade Math
Betts, Leah 7th Grade SS
Bradbury, Bryan Band
Briskey, Destinee 7th Grade Math
Bunn, Ashley 7th Grade School Counselor
Cortez, Heather 7th/8th Grade Math
Crow-Smith, Kelsey 8th Grade English
Cruse, Steven 7th Grade Civics / Geography
Daniel, Amanda 7th Grade English
Darby, Samantha PE/Athletics
Dodd, Shirley 7th Grade English
Dorsett, Brandon 7th Grade English
Doyle, Emily 8th Grade English
Floyd, Kelli Special Education
Galloway, Betsy 8th Grade SS
Gann, Leah 7th Grade Math
Green, Debbie Inclusion
Hall, Marci 8th Grade School Counselor
Hanks, DeAnna Special Education
Harris, Dolrenay Special Education
Hicks, Matt CARE/Head Coach Middle School Football
Howard, Sheri Special Education Nurse
Hughes, Leesa Spanish
Jones, Phillip 8th Grade Science
Jones, Riley 8th Grade English
Lee, Susan 7th Grade Science
Lewis, Maegen 8th Grade History
Lynch, Cynthia Gifted Education
Maniscalco, Michael Principal
Martin, Jesse Special Education
Millirons, Ivone ELL
Mixon, Todd Physical Education
Moore, Jarid 8th Grade Math
Morrison, Phillip Assistant Principal
Odom, Amelia 7th/8th Grade Reading
Parnell, Blakeley 7th Grade Science
Pesnell, Audrey 7th/8th Grade English
Phillips, Trent 7th/8th Grade Science
Pope, Chris 7th Grade English
Ragains, Kathleen 8th Grade Science
Renfroe, Kristie Media Specialist
Sanderson, Tricia Physical Education
Shipley, Andrea 8th Grade Math
Smith, Erica Technology Coach
Smith, Katlyn 8th Grade English
Souder, Kelli Yearbook/Intervention
Stallings, Cassie 8th Grade Math
Stanford, Jessica 8th Grade Math
Stephens, Brittney 7th Grade Math
Stewart, Caylen Choir/Digital Piano
Thompson, Josh 7th Grade Civics/Geography
Ward, Bradley Career Prep/PBL Makerspace/Football/Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field